ROLE: Senior Producer (EA Games Star Wars Battlefront II)
AGENCY: Amplify UK
Boasting 3,700sqm ² of space and an impressive scale of stands, gamers were given the opportunity to get up close and personal with a string of the latest gaming releases. The experience was designed to push the boundaries of storytelling, imagination and technology, featuring fully immersive areas including the PlayStation VR mezzanine and Detroit: Become Human.
Amplify was also responsible for designing, producing and managing the show’s sub stands; including EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II and Netflix’s Stranger Things: The VR Experience. The former enticing fans with a giant X-Wing Starfighter hanging above the gaming zone, and the latter offering a truly immersive VR experience that transported you directly into Joyce Byer’s living room.
Guests in the Stranger Things experience could also take home a personal GIF, created when users sat on BMX bikes to mimic their favourite characters riding through Hawkins woods.
PlayStation’s presence at last year’s Paris Games Week was the brand’s biggest and boldest statement yet to create worlds purely for the players.
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