ROLE: Project Lead
AGENCY: Curiious, Sydney
CLIENT: Expo 2020
In December 2021 Dubai marked its golden anniversary of 50 years. On 2 December 1971, the rulers of the emirates signed a unification agreement to create the United Arab Emirates, thus transforming the separate states into one thriving nation. The day is commemorated with much aplomb citywide.
My role was representing a content agency curiious on the ground that produced content on a 25,380 square meter projection surface in partnership with David Atkin events.
To achieve an immersive visual experience, the 42 custom-designed pods are arranged around the inside perimeter of the domed plaza. via a triple-stack of projectors, 84 channels of video were delivered by 252 projectors in total.
We produced almost a petabyte of content in this incredibly unique environment with the challenges of working in the difficult workplace environment that is Dubai.

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