ROLE: Producer
AGENCY: Exposure
We created a brand platform called Rizlab – Experiments in Music. This platform acted as a vehicle for music artists to fund their creative vision. We recruited some of the most pioneering artists of the moment to collaborate and produce the Rizlab Projects. Jamie XX and Quayola created a bespoke audio-visual installation and performance. Friendly Fires curated a Rizlab stage at Bestival, showcasing dance music pioneers of the past, future and present. Ghost Poet & D.O.T. broadcast, in partnership with FACT,  the world’s first live, interactive music video. The finished video was exclusively broadcast by The Sun.
Direct reach from events increased 600% year on year – to reach ½ million people; the PR reach was over 16.5 million; total OTS over 600 million and we more than doubled positive brand sentiment.
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